Strongly believing today that priority must obviously be given to corporate social responsibility for every participant of the event industry, RX France and My Stand Maker are committed to providing environmentally, economically and socially friendly products and services.

  • We prefer working with non-polluting and reusable materials
  • We reuse furniture and recommend recycled materials furniture
  • We indicate in our quotes for recycled items and those recyclable
  • We suggest less polluting alternatives to let you decide by yourself regarding budget
  • We minimize our carbon footprint
  • We sort our waste
  • We work with local providers and workshops
  • We aim for a fair pricing
  • We honour invoices in time for each of our suppliers
  • We assure a quality service as well as the global project we provide
  • We guarantee hygiene and safety on the workplace
  • We do respect workers' rights and ensure that our providers are also committed to

Every component of the stand project is to be approved as in accordance regarding our full CSR approach

We daily work to identify and use environmentally friendly raw materials, with natural and ethical origins. We are aware about natural resources regarding production with low water consumption and alternatives to harmful products. We focus on recycled products as much as possible, and support the local economy to reduce our carbon footprint by the same time. We are committed to selective sorting to enhance our waste.

  • Our carpets are made in France and are recyclable
  • Our adhesive or flooring are neoprene-free
  • We offer a latex-free carpets range with low water consumption
  • Our wooden floors are recyclable and reusable
  • Our technical floors (wedges), velum and carpet, come from recycled materials and are reused as well

  • We use eco-solvents inks
  • Print in our signage production workshop
  • Hung signage are reusable

  • Joinery panels are assembled with solvent-free glue in our workshop
  • Basic counters are reused (outside covering is changed only)
  • Specific productions can mostly be reused

  • Our raw partitions are assembled in the workshop and reused afterwards
  • Our white melamine panels come from recycled particleboards of MDF
  • Those panels are reused as technical floor wedges before being recycled
  • We use water painting, petroleum-derivatives-free

  • Our lighting solutions are 100% LED
  • Consumption is reduced by 50%
  • Lifespan is extended by 50%
  • Mercury-free and UV-free

  • We share transport for every of our stands as an optimization to limit our carbon footprint
  • We mainly work with suppliers based in close area

We sort our waste through 8 different skips:

Wood; Alumnium; metal; carpets and cotton; sawdust; electrical wires; excess inks; others

We do storage for reused stands

We can store your structure and reassemble your booth on the next show (ask for a specific quote)

What about a full cardboard stand?

We can provide wall covering, furniture, decorative elements through a 100% cardboard stand!

Expecting a "zero waste" guaranteed wooden stand?

We can provide you with a fully modular, reusable and customizable wooden stand

Stéphanie : +33 1 47 56 21 10

François : +33 1 47 56 51 24